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Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2.0 Coffee Scale

Timemore Black Mirror Basic 2.0 Coffee Scale

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The Black Mirror Basic Plus is the new released flagship model, upgraded from Basic-plus scale with more responsive reaction from Timemore Coffee. Apart from automatic timing function, its comes with the flow-rate monitor function which make the scale more multifunctional and accurate. This is an exceptional choice for any coffee lover! 

Why we love the Timemore Black Mirror Gen 2.0: It is a great combination of essential functionality and beautiful aesthetics at a reasonable cost.

Having tried and tested significantly more expensive scales with smart functions, we find ourselves coming back to the Black Mirror because it has everything one needs to brew a great cup of coffee.

It helps that it looks darn good too.


  • High Precision Sensor: Provides an accurate measurements of up to 0.1g, with a minimum weight of 0.5g, and a maximum weight of 2kg.
  • Dual Functions: Allows you to weigh and time your brews simultaneously.
  • Flow Rate Function: Track flow rate while brewing 
  • LED Backlight Display and Touch Functions
  • ON/OFF Slider: Prevents battery drain or unintentional activation when traveling.
  • 1600mAH Lithium Battery
  • USB Type C charging port

What's In The Box:

  • Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale
  • Silicone Heat-resistant Pad
  • USB Type C charging cable

*This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty

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