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Tricolate Coffee Brewer

Tricolate Coffee Brewer

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The Tricolate is a brewing device that focuses on producing cups of coffee with high extraction and greater sweetness. It achieves this cup profile through consistent and easily repeatable recipes. If you are looking for a reliable, foolproof, and easy-to-use filter coffee brewer, the Tricolate is for you!

Why we love the Tricolate: We thoroughly enjoy brewers that lower the barrier for users to enjoy a great cup of coffee. We think the Tricolate fits that bill perfectly and doesn't make any compromises in the cup.


  • Shower screen disperses water evenly across coffee bed for uniform saturation and agitation of the grounds. No gooseneck kettle required!
  • Enjoy cups with zero bypass (side channeling) which prevents brews of lower strength and extraction!
  • Vertical walls means no grounds are left high and dry, ensuring that coffee is being extracted during the entire brewing process.
  • German laboratory grade filter paper designed to balance achieving a clean cup with required brew time

Whats in the box:

  • Tricolate carry case, Tricolate Brewer, Dispersion Shower Screen, Tricolate Filter Paper (100pcs)
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