Some of our products come with a local warranty which covers manufacturing defects for up to 1 year. 

    *Not all products under these brands come with warranty. Please check the product listing page for details.

    Warranty Registration

    Products which come with local warranty will be delivered with a Warranty Registration card which provides instructions to register the product's warranty. Alternatively, please register your product warranty here.

    Warranty registration should be completed within 7 days of receiving the product to be considered valid. 

    Any defects found in the product must be promptly reported by purchasers within 7 days from date of product receipt. Failure to report defects within this timeframe will void any warranty claims.

    Warranty coverage does NOT include :

    1. Cosmetic damages (scratches, blemishes, manufacturing cosmetic imperfections)
    2. Products that have been damaged directly or indirectly from the use of a third party product.
    3. Products damaged as a result of washing with water or in constant contact with water.
    4. Products damaged as a result of connection to current or voltage sources that are otherwise marked on the product itself.
    5. Products damaged as a result of misuse caused by improper repair.
    6. Products for which a consumer has no Proof of Purchase or for which the applicable Warranty Period has expired.
    7. Products damaged as a result of wear and tear.
    8. Product damaged as due to improper used, mishandling, accident or failure to follow operating instructions. 

    Warranty Claims

    Warranty claims can only be made for products with a valid warranty registration. 

    Brew Simply Co. will not responsible for any goods that are damaged due to improper use. 

    For any warranty claims, email us at info@brewsimply.co with your order number and purchase date.