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Third Wave Water Coffee Minerals - 1 Gallon / Pack

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Since water makes up 98% of your cup of coffee, it is not an understatement to say that brewing water significantly affects how your coffee tastes. Impurities in brewing water might cause unwanted off-flavors in the cup. Overly hard water might lead to the buildup of scale and cause damage to your coffee makers and espresso machines. Beyond that, coffee brewing is a chemical process, in which the mineral composition of brewing water profoundly impacts extraction and flavor.

Thus, brewing water is an important variable to be accounted for and controlled by home brewers and professional baristas alike! To create the perfect brewing water for your coffee brewing, simply add 1 stick of Third Wave Water's specially designed mineral formula to 1 gallon (approx. 3.8l) of water and mix well.


The Classic Profile 

  • Created for daily coffee brewing styles like V60, Aeropress, Chemex, Cold Brew, Batch brewers etc.
  • Created for light to medium roast coffees
  • Protects Coffee Makers from Limescale
  • SCA Water Profile
  • Highlights brighter flavors


The Espresso Profile 

  • Engineered to specially for espresso drinkers
  • Provides high dose of magnesium for tastier shots of espresso
  • Suitable for coffees of any roast level
  • Protects espresso machines from scale and corrosion
  • Highlights brighter flavors