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Normcore Espresso Puck Screen 1.7mm thickness - 58mm/53.3mm

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The Normcore Espresso Puck Screen offers 1.7mm thickness and 58mm/53.3mm dimensions, making it an ideal tool for ensuring consistent extraction with an even and balanced result.


These puck screens are specifically engineered to address most of the problems found with other espresso puck screens, such as bending or damage from exposed screws. They are tailored for use in La Marzocco and Gaggia espresso machines.



This set includes two puck screens with distinct thicknesses of 1.7mm and 1.0mm, as well as an accompanying puck screen stand. For coffee doses with normal dosing, the 1.7mm puck is recommended for optimal extraction, while those with larger and finer grains should opt for the 1.0mm screen.

  • Normcore Puck Screen - 1.7mm thickness
  • Normcore Puck Screen - 1.0mm thickness
  • Normcore Puck Screen Stand


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Wash thoroughly with water after us; 2) Clean with Cafiza or a blast with steam wand.

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