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Normcore Handlelss Milk Pitcher - Round & Sharp

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This Normcore handleless milk pitcher is top-notch! It has been precisely crafted to give you the ultimate latte-making experience at home. With the precise spout, you can easily control the amount of milk in your latte, as well as great-tasting microfoam. The pitcher is equipped with a silicone heat-resistant grip, for safety and control while pouring. Plus, with 1mm thickness premium stainless steel and a Teflon finish, you know this is a high-quality piece of equipment that will last. Available in two sizes (450ml/600ml), this pitcher is the perfect espresso accessory for professional and home baristas alike. Take your coffee shop experience home and make the perfect latte with the Normcore handleless milk pitcher!


  • Heat-resistant silicon grip
  • Telfon finish for a premium quality
  • 1mm thickness premium stainless steel
  • Secured and balanced in hand
  • Material: Stainless Steel with double coated Teflon for extra durability and prevent scratches
  •  Capacity: 450ml / 600ml
  • Weight: 215g/ 267g
  • Dimensions: W7.8 x D8.3 x H10.8cm /  W9 x D8.8 x H11.8cm

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