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Normcore Espresso Tamping Mat with Tamping Station

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The Tamping Mat with Tamping Station offers the ideal setup for home baristas. Its secure portafilter holder ensures the optimal tamping angle for maximum espresso efficiency. This mat is compatible with 54/58 espresso accessories, and features a slot designed to hold your tamper when not in use. Perfectly complemented by our Normcore coffee tamper kit, this mat ensures that each item has its own designated space.


  • Material: Food-safe silicone rubber
  • Dimensions: 240mm (l) x 190mm (w) x 10mm (h)
  • Compatible with 54/58mm barista accessories
  • Ultimate protection for your work surface


  • High-quality Food grade Silicone: Ordorless
  • Comfortable Tamping: Designed to hold the portafilter securely for maximum comfort while tamping.
  • Large Tamp Space: Fits both your tamper and portafilter 
  • Silicone Protection: Protects your counter tamp from heavy tamping.
  • Anti-slip rubber: Keeps the portafilter from sliding around when tamping.

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