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Normcore Espresso Filter Paper

Normcore Espresso Filter Paper

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The Normcore Espresso Filter Paper 200 Pieces is designed to fit the bottom of your portafilter precisely, reducing channeling and resulting in consistent, even extraction yields. This is perfect for those who prefer lighter roasted coffee for espresso or desire to perfect their espresso shots.


  • Increased Extraction: The dual-layer design of the filter paper promotes even extraction throughout the coffee puck, reducing the risk of channelling.
  • Consistent Filtration: Designed to work similarly to puck screen, the filter paper provides better distribution of water flow
  • Ease of use: Avoid direct contact with puck and machine shower head making clean up easier 
  • Drink Better Coffee: Made with Japanese natural virgin pulp with no chemicals. Achieve higher clarity in your espresso shots. 
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