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Normcore Espresso Drawer Knockbox

Normcore Espresso Drawer Knockbox

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Every extraction leaves you with two things: A beautiful brew and the leftover coffee grounds. The coffee ritual is complete when the barista taps out the remaining grounds and throws them away, and the Normcore / Espresso Knock Box Drawer catches that beautifully with a grounding knock.

The compact form is designed to sit underneath your espresso grinder or anything similar - its robust stainless steel build is capable of bearing significant weight. All that’s needed after every brew, is to pull the drawer and empty the grounds with a firm tap on the inner bar in one fluid motion.

Sitting steadily on your counter, you can empty it after multiple cups for a more efficient system. It makes every brewing encounter a mess-free affair.



28 cm (W) x 14 cm (D) x 7 cm (H)
11 in (W)  x 5.5 in (D) x 2.8 in (H)
Especially suitable for small espresso grinders by the brands Niche Zero and Varia S3.

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