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Munieq Polypropylene Tetra Dripper

Munieq Polypropylene Tetra Dripper

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Munieq is an abbreviation for Minimal & Unique Equipment and the Tetra Pocket Coffee Drip is just that. Easy to assemble anywhere and anytime the Tetra Coffee Drip is light, flat, portable and easy to carry for use when camping, on holidays and for business trips. Simply slot together the three components to form the drip filter. Ultra lightweight, the triangular shape is perfect for stability while dripping and is compatible with Hario V60 or Kono coffee filters. The Tetra Drip comes with a slim, passport-sized plastic sleeve.

Why we love the Tetra Munieq: It is the most lightweight and packable brewer available in the market, even outperforming the AeroPress in our opinion. The dripper is designed with no ridges, which minimizes bypass of water via the sides when brewing. Thus, it is not as dependent on pouring technique, and yet it easily produces cups of high strength and sweetness. This makes the Tetra Munieq perfect for bringing on your next travel adventure, particularly when you might not have a gooseneck kettle!

Can be placed on a cup or bottle with a mouth diameter of 1.6 - 5.0"

Sizes (Compatible with cone filters): Small brews up to 1 cup, large brews up to 3 cups

Material: Polypropylene or stainless steel

Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.5 x 0.04" (folded size) - Stores flat

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