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MHW-3BOMBER Lightning Needle WDT Distribution Tool

MHW-3BOMBER Lightning Needle WDT Distribution Tool

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MAGNETIC STAND: The pins on WDT tools are frequently damaged by drops. Using magnetic suction technology, MHW-3BOMBER improve the grip's top surface so that this NEEDLE TOOL will adhere to the metal frame and safeguard the pins.

INCREASE EXTRACTION & DECREASE CLUMPING: The needle's tip part has a 0.25mm fineness, with an 8 needle design giving the MHW-3BOMBER Lightning Needle a finer adjustment than traditional WDT tools.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: The whole WDT tool for espresso machine accessories is made of high-quality material, 8 SUS304 needles plus 4 backup needles, aluminum alloy handle allowing a more even distribution for both espresso and drip coffee.

USER FRIENDLY: Rotate and stir to dissemble, easy and convenient to wash. 

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