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KINGrinder K2 Coffee Hand Grinder

KINGrinder K2 Coffee Hand Grinder

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KINGrinders are one of our recommended coffee grinders giving consistent grinders and high quality build at an affordable price point.

Precision: KINGrinders K2 comes with 18 microns per click giving you the precision needed for both espresso and filter brew. The K2 comes with an internal adjustment design with 40 clicks in each round making it a versatile grinder for any brew method.

Sturdy built: Robust design built to last and the stainless steel burr set design.  The aluminium material is made to be more durable while the burrs are designed with dual bearings to allow for a consistent grinding experience.

Lightweight and Portable: KINGrinders are made to be your best travel companions be it for indoor or outdoor coffee making. The hopper has a volume of 20-25g, and the grinder can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

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