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Hario MUGEN Plastic Dripper (2 Cups)

Hario MUGEN Plastic Dripper (2 Cups)

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The Hario Mugen features zero grooves in its design. This allows filter papers to adhere to the inner wall securely, preventing any water from bypassing down the sides of the dripper as you brew. The result is a sweet and rich, high-extraction cup that anyone can brew.

Why We Love the Hario Mugen: It is so easy to get consistently delicious cups out of it.

Brewing with it is requires no fussing around with recipes. In fact, the use of a gooseneck kettle is not essential with this dripper! Simply perfect for beginners.

Colors available:

  • Transparent Black

What's In The Box:

  • Hario Mugen Dripper
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