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1Zpresso JX-Pro / JX-Pro S Coffee Hand Grinder

1Zpresso JX-Pro / JX-Pro S Coffee Hand Grinder

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The 1Zpresso JX-Pro is a high quality coffee hand grinder from Taiwan that boasts a high price-performance ratio and is one of the best manual grinders available for home brewers.

As part of 1Zpresso's popular J series of grinders, the JX-Pro can is able to compete with (and outperform) hand grinders that are significantly more expensive. This grinder is one of our top recommendations. 

Why we love the JX-Pro: Its versatility - the ability to perform well with any brew method cannot be understated. Be it espresso brewing, pour over coffee or French press, the JX-Pro delivers in spades, consistently producing sweet cups with high clarity. This is the grinder for everyone and any occasion.


  • 48mm Stainless Steel Conical Burrs: This burr set produces extremely consistent coffee grounds along with a very fast grind times.
  • Top Adjustment Dial: 40 clicks per rotation (12.5 microns per click) with digit labels allows for the highest precision in dialing in your grind size for the perfect brew.
  • Simple Disassembly: The JX-Pro is thoughtfully designed such that disassembly for cleaning is easy, intuitive, and does not require any tools.


  • Color: Light gray
  • Weight: 780g
  • Dimensions:18 x 5.7 x13cm
  • Grounds Capacity: 30~35g
  • Materials: Wood (Handle), Polycarbonate (Lid), Silicone (Grip), Stainless Steel (Burrs), and Aluminum Alloy (Body)

What's In The Box:

  • 1Zpresso JX-Pro Hand Grinder
  • Cleaning Brush

*This product comes with a 1-year limited warranty

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